$POKE Fantom presale finished with a total of 103,470 FTM, thanks to everybody that participated in the $POKE Fantom presale!


All people that bought atleast 1000 $POKE will receive in the next 2–3 hours an exclusive $POKE NFT, Potom, we´ll make an announcement when NFTs delivered and where you can trade it if you want!


We will update in the upcoming days the presale page and will be the farming page for $POKE Fantom; POKE-FTM, POKE-BOO & POKE-FUSDT

Pokeball FTM contract:

Pokeball BSC contract: 0xcdad3683335a4a96d2c437dd4513b061e4aec4ff


Telegram announcements :






Today we are happy to announce the Pokeball incubator, we will help some new BSC projects to launch, we would advise them and help in exchange of a portion of their pools.

Pokeball incubator will make $POKE deflationary, with the portion of their pools we´ll use 50% of the rewards…



Today we release Ballswap, now you can trade and add liquidity with our swap!

We need liquidity for people trading in Ballswap so we´ll airdrop a NFT Pokemoon for everybody that have atleast 10 LP in Ballswap, this NFT will be exclusive for this event!


  • Add over 10 LP in Ballswap and not withdraw them for atleast 2 weeks in February.
  • LP can be POKE/BNB, POKE/BUSD & POKE/CAKE, the one that you prefer.

1st March we will check all the addresses that have this amount of LP for atleast 2 weeks and NFT will be airdroped when NFT release, coming soon.