Crosschain, $POKE evolves

1 min readMay 17, 2021

Today we are happy to announce that $POKE is evolving.

This year everybody moved from ETH to BSC because low fees but it is changing, everyday BSC network is more and more congested, so we are making the next step to solve this.

We are making Superball in Fantom Opera network, with less than 0.01$ transactions fees and 1–2 seconds transactions.

We will have separate farmings for farm with Fantom network, using this you can compound all the time because transactions are almost free!

We will make an airdrop of Superball for TOP 100 $POKE holders, date and quantity still to be determined, we will announce soon.

For use Fantom network you only need Metamask and you can use same address that you use in BSC:

Of course development in BSC still continues and we´ll implement all the next features in both networks!

Pokeball contract: 0xcdad3683335a4a96d2c437dd4513b061e4aec4ff


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