How NFTs will works — Pokemoon

“We Recently discovered a new species of creatures similar to Pokemon, we investigated them and we found that their ADN is superior to Pokemon so our scientific team called them Pokemoon”

Professor Oak.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
First things first is that the POKE team is working on Nfts and implementation.
Release date will be announced.

How Pokemoon will works:

- Every week there will be a drop of 3–4 different Pokemoon (Everyone limited to 100 copies).

- All Pokemoon can be bought with $POKE and 50% of the $POKE will be burned, 40% will be used for prizes and 10% reserved for the POKE team.

- We´ll have our own marketplace where you can buy and sell Pokemoon when drop of each Pokemoon ends.

- With the 40% of the POKE earned we´ll recompensate the trainers that will have a better team of Pokemoon each week.

-We already have 9 Pokemoons made by our artist and our dev is working on the implementation of NFT´s.

Pokeball contract: 0xcdad3683335a4a96d2c437dd4513b061e4aec4ff


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